Revise child education system

Revise child education system

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It was just a few wink of my eyes that i hold your little finger,you took your first step,or your first bite,and now that we are still learning and growing with each other i being your mother have to introduce you to the real world,give you the first lesson of compromise..
Yes i call it compromise,child education in India is exactly that lack of empathy.i am never the sheep which follows the line,so i feel bad, disgusted when i take my 2.5 year old child to a playschool ( a good brand) and refuse to listen at his helpless cries of no crime..
I as a mother feel i cheated his trust, my animal instinct tells me if i was one i could have run,saved my child from despair but i am bound with human rules of society where the teacher enlightens me that they may cry n then ultimately lose hope of escape n thus compromise..
Many parents may agree with me because there is no other way, and education is must although no empathy,a toddler may not be matured enough to deal with it all alone, mothers are allowed for only 7 days,max,that also restricted time period, that may not be enough for every child. But these talks are preserved for stages ;systems are not revised..
Thus goes on ,because it was going in...



1.Reform in child age of education..

2.Revised Syllabus..

3.Empathy towards parents of child..

 Mothers of young chlidren please respond you can change..