Recently Returned Chinese Students/Families/Relatives to stay at home for 2 weeks

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Coronavirus Identified In Melbourne 

Due to the severity and the extremely contagious nature of the new deadly virus - Coronavirus that has affected more than 100,000 Chinese residents, and the fact that a vast amount of Chinese residents are returning to Australia prior to school start next week is highly concerning to all the children and staff amongst all Australian schools. Currently the entire province of Hubei (namely highest affected city of Wuhan) is already in lock-down, however the onset of the deadly virus has started to spread over a month ago already, and infected residents have been travelling around China and around the world potentially carrying and spreading the virus for some time. We strongly urge the VIC Department of Education to officially ban students who has recently returned from China to isolate themselves for 2 weeks after landing and prior to returning to school. This will greatly benefit the prevention of this deadly virus into schools - the most vulnerable community members and staff as well. 

Yours sincerely.