Provision of libraries and quality educational books in public schools in the Philippines

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Public libraries have come a long way since the early days when it was simply a place for borrowing books closely monitored by the librarians. Today’s modern public libraries continue to lend books but the generation nowadays are just using the modern technology. However, how do we make the children love reading? The easiest way is to make books available.

But when the school cannot afford a collection of reading materials or making a library accessible to children is the next best bet. Some problems being encountered are: Lack of libraries in public schools, some schools do not even open their libraries at all, Books are merely accessioned, but neither classified nor cataloged; Unbalanced or proportionate distribution of books and library materials too expensive.

Thus, this petition proposes to donate books, 
provide separate funds for the establishment of libraries in public schools, 
developing and sustaining in children the habit and enjoyment of reading and learning, and the use of libraries throughout their lives, and offering opportunities for experiences in creating and using information for knowledge, understanding, imagination, and enjoyment. That is why we are appealing to each and everyone of you to support our petition. Thank you for your support!