Provide metal detection at every public school across our country.

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School shootings are increasing everyday. Let’s stop the gun debate for just a minute and get behind something we can ALL SUPPORT! The future of our children. Some want teachers armed. Some don’t. But rather than arguing and accomplishing nothing, let’s work TOGETHER long enough to discuss the solution. We can still have school police officers, but what if we can prevent the bad intentions of others from entering our schools? Undetected firearms are brought into our schools everyday by children. We just generally don’t know about it unless we pay attention. My local community has had at least 8 examples that I can verify. Fortunately, no one was injured or killed, but with each successful attempt, those who wish to do our children harm become more confident in the fact that there’s no system in place to prevent an occurrence! Signs that read gun free zone, buckets of rocks, and miniature baseball bats won’t prevent the next school shooting. Walk through metal detectors WILL. It’s an inexpensive solution that will provide limitless peace of mind for the entire school system. The ultimate goal should be metal detectors in EVERY school across the country. Let’s give our children peace of mind and a fighting chance!

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