Proper Disposal, Better Lifestyle

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Proper Disposal, Better Lifestyle

            One of the major problems in our society is the so called plastic materials. Improper disposal of plastic wastes can lead to many problems. For example, sea creatures can be harmed by improper waste disposal for it can contaminate the water. Improper waste disposal in the community can block drainage that can cause massive flooding that can cause other communities to be isolated. Plastic also takes many years to decompose.

            Students nowadays have little awareness about proper waste disposal. In order to motivate the students to participate in proper waste disposal, the school management can use the reward system. Every student in the campus can participate by collecting plastic bottles in exchange for points that can be used in buying goods, like food and supplies, inside the school. There will be a school personnel in charge of collecting the plastic bottles and adding points to the student’s “Waste Card”. The waste card can be presented to stores inside the campus as a substitute for money. One small plastic bottle will be equivalent to 1 point and a big plastic bottle will be equivalent to 2 points. 1 point is equal to ¢25.

            This petition aims to:

  • ·         Reduce or lessen the growth of plastic wastes
  • ·         Motivate students to participate in proper waste disposal and recycling.

Please help us in calling the attention of DENR and DepEd in order to support this project and integrate it to every school campus within the Philippines.