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School: Should it really start this early?

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In the Philippines, it’s typical for majority of schools to start at around 7:00 in the morning. This delivers a lot of ups and downs towards our fellow students. Mostly downs, because here in our country, we experience a lot of things in our everyday. That being morning traffic, sudden rains and other unwanted variables. Having to know that the majority of the population of students have to withstand all of these, they automatically receive a large amount of stress, early in the day. According to recent studies, students tend to be more active and successful at ingesting information. This is because at the time it reaches midday, the cognitive abilities of most students are at the peak level. Thus, resulting to quick succession for them to attain lessons.

The petitioners suggest that schools should start later, preferably in the day around 11am onward, where the students can have more sleep and be more active when it comes to learning.

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