Petition to cancel all Sallie Mae loans

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Sallie Mae has abused millennials with their ever-changing rates, even for those who are paying on time, and they are making it impossible for millennials to move ahead in life while they are stuck with Sallie Mae loans because this company abuses their power in their rates once you are under repayment. They make harassing phone calls to their parents and relatives who may not be cosigners on their loans because they are money hungry even though it is Sallie Mae who changes the loan agreements suddenly and then cannot pay their loans due to the high interest rates given during repayment. Sallie Mae has caused more harm than good in our American society with the second largest generation, millennials, and Sallie Mae should pay for the injustice done on millennials. Due to this abuse, their loans should be discharged for millions of Americans who are tied to them because millennials are now the lost generation in American society. We are the first generation in America to do worse than our parents. We are the first generation to make less than our parents because of the heavy burden of a corrupt, loan company who wants to take advantage of people. We, the people, should stop this corruption ASAP!