Petition to Ban Scholarship Displacement in U.S Public and Private Universities

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Zaniya Lewis
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Scholarship Displacement is when a student has received an outside scholarship and the college decides to decrease the amount of their federal financial aid package.

Students should not be punished for winning outside scholarships to cover their college education. Maryland became the first state to outlaw scholarship displacement by public colleges. Maryland's new law now limits the conditions under which institutions may decrease financial aid.

The federal government should ban scholarship displacement at all public and private universities in the United States of America.

When students work hard to apply and win scholarships they should be rewarded not punished. I am a victim of scholarship displacement, this year I received a $25,000 Live Mas Scholarship from the Taco Bell Foundation. I submitted the check to my university to pay my first semester bill. They notified me that they will be decreasing my financial aid making it impossible for me to pay my bill and register for classes. I am currently a senior in college. 

It is time to take this issue to the federal government. Please support me and students across this nation that want to continue their education.