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Permanent position for Mrs Rolfe as principal of Mackay Northern Beaches State High School

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Mrs Rolfe will be relieved of her position as 'acting principal' of Mackay Northern Beahes State High school in week 5 of term 4, 2017. I , Latesha Morante, am representing the student body of Mackay Northen Beaches State High School as Academic School Captain. With the best interests of the school considered, and her utmost desire to stay principal of our school, it has been agreed that Mrs Rolfe should not be acquitted of her role and should be offered the permanent position of principal.
Mrs Rolfe is undoubtedly the best, most hardworking and passionate principal a school could ever ask for. Mackay Northern Beaches has irrefutably benefitted from her drive for change over the past 3 years. She is a woman of action and values each and every student like no other; taking the time to know each students name, background and going beyond what is required of her every single day. Her doors are always open to every student and she is never too busy for any student's issues. She is consistently involved in events that are either organised by herself, or by students whom she supports whole-heartedly. A principal like this is very hard to find, and the inaugural seniors of 2017 want nothing more than to shake her hand at the completion of our schooling years. At this stage, this is not possible as she will be leaving one week before our graduation.
The current year 11 and 12's have worked very hard alongside Mrs Rolfe to build our brand new school's culture, and we are very proud to say we have built such a welcoming, accepting and vibrant school community. The school will truly be missing a piece of this culture when Mrs Rolfe leaves. By signing this petition you are indicating that Mrs Rolfe should be offered a permanent position, thus remaining principal of the school. Should she not be offered a permanent role, she should at least be able to finish the school calendar as principal for 2017. I will be visiting the P&C meeting in week 2 of term 4 to deliver this petition to the parents and community members involved within Mackay Northern Beaches State High School. I will then be sending the competed petition to the Department of Education once I have the support of students and the community. Your voice can make a difference, so please take the time to consider how the school community will be impacted without Mrs Rolfe leading the way.

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