No to establishment of Primary School on Main Roads,Follow laid out Norms,Play Ground must

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Establishment of Primary School without minimum safety requirements – Request for your immediate action, Say "No to Schools on Main Road"

We, the residents of Saipuri Colony, Sainikpuri, Secunderabad-94, draw your attention to the setting up of a new school named “Rainbow Primary School”, which is coming up on Plot 17, Saipuri Colony, Saipuri Main Road, Secunderabad 500094. The school is located on Saipuri Colony Main Road, which is an extension of Sainikpuri 6th Avenue. Sainikpuri 6th Avenue and Saipuri Colony Main Road have today become the main access thoroughfare for several new satellite colonies which have come up north of Sainikpuri, around Kapra Cheruvu. Because of these new colonies, traffic on Saipuri Main Road hs increased tenfold in the past four years. Vehicles ply on this road round the clock, and transport vehicles also frequently use Saipuri Main Road to access the colonies around Kapra lake, and further north. House owners of surrounding plots and the Saipuri Association strongly requested the owner of Plot 17, to not lease out the property to a school, but he has gone ahead and leased it out. Shockingly, the school management has not even bothered about putting in basic safety measures essential for a primary school.Following points are causing grave concern:

There are constant traffic jams around the school on the narrow Saipuri Main Road, since the school has not provided any parking facilities at all. The problem will worsen substantially once the new academic year starts. Please note that Saipuri Main Road is a colony road – not designed to take the load of large commercial establishments like schools.

There is no playground in the school, and no play equipment is provided

Have an ambiguity; such property shouldn’t be given NOC by below department. If given, we want to know on what basis it was obtained from State Government,   GHMC,  Police department, Fire department, HMWSSB

Since the minimum standards applicable to schools for ensuring a healthy, safe and secure environment for school children have not been followed in this case, we request you to kindly withdraw permission to the school and prevent it from coming up on Saipuri Main Road. This will also help in ensuring planned and clutter-free development of the area.We request prompt action in this matter from you and other concerned authorities, before the new academic year starts. This will avoid inconvenience to parents and students who might be considering using the school.