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         To begin with, condoms are used for contraception which is to prevent pregnancy after having sexual intercourse. In addition to that, there are two kinds of condoms: female condoms and male condoms; although men use condoms more frequently. Main purposes for inventing these sheats are to avoid unwanted pregnancies and to avoid sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). However, these contraceptives are not always effective. Few cases of pregnancy and STDs were reported even with the use of these thin sheats. Aside from these, the following side effects may also be experienced after using condoms: allergy to latex condoms and irritation of the penis or the vagina from spermicides or lubricants that some condoms are treated with. Along with this petition, stopping Pre Marital Sex is also part of this advocacy since giving out condoms to unmarried couples, especially to students, may tempt them into having sexual intercourse.

          Condom usage is not the best way to avoid teenage pregnancy but proper sex education is. Distributing condoms to students tend to trigger their confusion which leads them to actually do the thing they are "supposed" to do with it: to have safe sex. This is where Pre Marital Sex (PMS) comes in, when young and unmarried couples, particularly students, decide to use condoms and engage themselves in sexual intercourse. Furthermore, condom usage has an inverse relationship when it comes to pregnancy prevention and PMS. Although these rubber sheats may decrease the number of teenage pregnancies, it is likely to increase the cases of PMS.

          Condom distribution encourages an earlier onset of sexual activity, that it is a potential offense to religious people/groups, and that it is wrong for taxpayers to be forced to financially support a program they consider morally objectionable. Just as a pro side of condom availability is that condom use will become the norm, a con side of the argument is that sexual activity in general will become the norm. Sexual activity among adolescents will be expected, and peer pressure to engage in sexual behavior would increase. The relative ineffectiveness of condoms should also be taken into consideration, especially when used improperly, as it is commonly done by those inexperienced, or young.

          Therefore, we are appealing to all people to help us share this petition in order to spread awareness regarding the availability and accessibility of condoms through condom distribution programs in schools, which, may lead to early teenage pregnancies. We would appreciate your help and support by signing this petition with us and by helping us voice out our concerns about the misuse of these contraceptives.

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