No more suicides because of the education system.

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Lives of Crores of students are at stake, our government says that it's developing education system but where's the result? If our government is seriously working on betterment of the education system there wouldn't be more suicides day by day. 

Education doesn't mean getting a job education is much more than that. Education is not for getting a seat in IIT or MEDICINE. Education is not for engineering and medicine ONLY. Education should be enjoyable. Learning should be fun not a burden. 

     Recently since 5-6 years many schools are conducting a special course for IIT/MEDICINE right from 6th class, a 12 year old should not be burdened with the vast subjects, this is resulting in the emotional state of the children right from young age. The competition in the society has turned away from Healthy Competition. 

      From the past 5-10 years the rate of suicides among students is increasing quite rapidly, please take a look at the following article on suicide rate of students,

 >> student suicides: One student kills self every hour in India | India News - Times ... › ...

>> 8 lakh suicides every year: Suicide rates in various countries ... - India Today › story


>> We people know about this issue from long time but we doesn't seem to react on the precious lives of the students.

The reasons I think for all of Suicides of students is because of the following reasons :

1. Stress and pressure from the parents. 

2. Stress and pressure from the coaching institutions. 

3. Lack of support from society. 

4. Making a false impression that jobs and degrees are the only way for living on students, right from the young age. 

5. Judging students on the basis of their marks. 

6. Not letting the kids/teens to choose their future. 

7. Lack of awareness on the other study courses than engineering and medicine.


Dear people of India, let's rise our voice and stand against the inappropriate education system that our country India has and fight for the change in education system so that no student/kid should ever again commit suicide. Please help us to raise awareness on this issue.

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"Let's get back to the time where education was fun not a burden."

� Students are not Machines. 

� Today's students are tomorrow's India.

    Let the kids/Students choose their future.

Let's stop the slaughter of the young generation by the corporate coaching centers and society. 

I Request all the educationalists, teachers, professors, lecturers to fight for the future generations of India.

Considering the seriousness of the issue  WE PEOPLE OF INDIA ask for the change in education system ASAP. 

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