No distractions! Keep uniforms!

No distractions! Keep uniforms!

March 6, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Nelsy Diaz

The District of Belleville Township sole focus and goal is to ensure that our educators are providing our children a climate for growth. Educators are given the most important task and that is to educate our children. Taking time away from teaching in a classroom where the ratio is already high will be an injustice to our kids, a true set back. The teachers do not have the time to monitor the new non uniform attire policy. Learning should always be a  priority especially now. Our Superintendent and board members have made great strides and must continue to remain focus. Learning can only be done without distraction. We must continue to stay focus and work with our kids reading and math level which are currently below state level. The vast majority had already voted for uniforms in previous year. We must all work together to stay focus on the main task.

This petition supports our views in keeping the school uniforms for the following reasons:

Benefits of School Uniforms

1. "School uniforms reduce clothing-related peer pressure. 
A uniform mandate makes every student wear either the exact same outfit or piece together a uniform based on certain acceptable standards. Because every student is essentially wearing the same thing, there is a reduced level of peer pressure to wear certain fashion styles or purchase specific clothes brands. This makes it possible for students to build more relationships through genuine networking skills instead of popularity.

2. It can create an environment where discipline is emphasized. 
Meeting a school uniform code requires a certain level of discipline from the student. It also requires parental discipline to ensure their child is meeting expectations. When discipline is practiced, it can be applied to other aspects of life. Children in school uniforms may find it easier to stay focused on their studies, complete homework after school, build friendships, or prepare themselves for a vocational career.

3. It creates uniformity between socioeconomic classes within a school district. 
Since students are wearing the same uniform, there is less of a socioeconomic distinction that can be made between students. Although different brands might be worn in some districts, some that may be associated with the wealthy class, the overall appearance of each student is similar. This reduces the barriers that poverty and wealth naturally create.

4. It may take students less time to get ready for school each morning. 
Students who are in districts with a school uniform code always know what they’ll need to wear in the morning. Instead of standing in front of their closet, trying to decide which look to wear that day, the uniform can be put on and the morning routine can be completed. Some students may save up to 30 minutes each morning simply because the expectations of how they should look have been laid out for them in advance.

5. School uniforms tend to cost less than traditional youth clothing. 
Branded jeans for kids may cost more than $40. For the same cost, it is possible to purchase two modern school polos and two pairs of uniform pants, skirts, jumpers, or skirt-short combinations. Many families can purchase a week’s worth of school uniform clothing for less than $100. For name-brand fashion items, that might purchase 4-5 items of clothing instead.

6. Schools can identify intruders quickly because they aren’t in the needed uniform. 
Because there are appearance standards in place for a school uniform policy, teachers and administrators can quickly identify individuals on campus who should not be present. That can create extra time to initiate a lockdown of the school property or take other preventative safety measures which can keep students safe.

7. School uniforms are easy to hand down to others year after year. 
It is true that school uniforms can take a beating over the course of a 9-month or 12-month school year. It’s also true that with proactive care, school uniforms can be handed down to others each year. For a family of four, it is possible to get by with only purchasing one set of uniforms because each previous uniform set can be handed down to the next child.

8. It can increase student attendance. 
Students can feign illnesses or be impacted by stress-related ailments because of inequalities that they see with their clothing and fashion compared to others. Because student uniforms reduce this impact, it is possible for student attendance to increase. School districts in the southern US have seen attendance increases of over 20% in the first 5 years of implementing school uniform policies.

9. Uniforms could help students focus more attention onto their studies than their fashion. 
This advantage comes back to the discipline that is generated by maintaining the expectations of a certain look. By eliminating the need to find popularity through fashion or accessories, it becomes possible for students to focus on other aspects of the learning environment. That means a student can stay focused on their lessons, retaining the information learned, and that can lead to better overall grades.

10. It can stop cliques or gangs from forming on a school campus. 
Students of a certain age will almost always rebel against something. For those who are poor, that rebellion might focus on those who are rich and have more than them. For those who are wealthy, the rebellion might focus on “unfair” school policies, school costs, or other financial burdens that may not apply to other students. Because uniforms put the focus on equality instead of inequality, these policies work to prevent some of the common reasons why students target one another or the school district".

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Signatures: 305Next Goal: 500
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