Need schooling to be restructured to have better and real Genius children for NEW INDIA

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Its exam time!
Most of the schools are following continous assessment procedures, surprise tests, FAs, SAs and children have a limited portion to study which is often revised too.

Then comes the Preparation leave! What does a child in class 1/2/3/4/5/6/7 have to prepare extra than what has already been revised 2-3 times.

Are we making them conceptually strong or 'Ratu tota' ? Why do they need these prep leaves? Preparation can be best done at schools. Children at home are just enjoying holidays, its like a pre-dashera/ pre-Diwali for them. Beyond there is a limited portion to study.

Most of the schools are practically observing only 150 days of academic working, which includes exam days & annual function preps too.

How will we produce successful students, if we are already preparing them weak in their foundation years?

Oh! Then comes the role of the multi-crore industry of coaching classes into foreplay. The one-time Genius children who were de-geniused because of the schooling they have undergone, now need extra coaching from class 8 for cracking the competitive exams.

Parents are ready to put in extra money all the time, right from choosing the best playgroup, best school, best coaching to the best college (even with a donation). But only a handful of them still make it there. And many of them still don't have clues about what they are best at!

Where are we leading the very young India ?

Is whatever happening in schools fair? Are we not responsible for making odd choices and still keeping shut? Are we not wasting the potential of the little Geniuses?

Every child is unique and is a Genius! Only the right Parenting / schooling / mentoring can lead them to live as a Genius!

This need call to change. If we really need to see the better future world, and better NEW INDIA, it's time to change few ways how these schools  right from primary sections operate today....

ABhi Nahi To KABhi Nahi 

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