Make Mental Health Programs Mandatory in all Queensland High Schools

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Throughout school children are forced to sit through endless classes on science, English and maths learning about Pythagoras theorem and correct punctuation. But who’s teaching them about life? Who’s teaching them about mental health? Who’s teaching them that’s it’s okay not to be okay but that it’s not okay to not reach out? Our children are dying. Not because of anything physical. Nor anything external. Their dying because they don’t see another way. Our children are hanging, slitting and overdosing and yet we’re still forcing them to sit through countless lessons and tests none of which are addressing the real issue. Suicide rates are climbing. Our children are reaching for knives instead of the stars and yet we do nothing. We need to do something. A program needs to be introduced. The government needs to open their eyes and see that they need action. One day a year, one lesson a term, any period of time spent educating and assisting our youth in the dangers and prevention of mental deterioration is better than the nothing at current. Make mental health programs mandatory within our schools, so our students look to the future and see life instead of death.