Mandatory ramps and elevators in schools

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A differently-abled child has as much a right to education as any other child.  We have legislation in place to enforce this right (the Right to Education Act 2009). Therefore it is the duty of educational institutions to provide a safe environment for all children.

A child who is not able to walk, already goes through emotional turmoil as he/she is excluded from so many activities that a normal child can do. By installing an elevator or building a simple ramp, we are providing them with the means of being independent and the ability to reach their classroom without fear or risk. It is unfair to expect such children to drop out of school for the reason that the school does not have an elevator or even a ramp.

There are many schools in Bangalore, which charge hefty fees, but do not provide these simple facilities.

The aim of this campaign is to approach the Education Ministry and ask them to survey the schools in Bangalore which do not provide elevators/ramps, and demand that they install them as soon as possible. The installation of cameras in schools and schools buses came only after a series of unfortunate incidents. Are we waiting for that to happen here also?