Make the video `Systematic Racism Explained’ by Alex Cequea mandatory for 3rd graders.

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We are two students who have seen the video ‘Systematic Racism Explained’ and we believe that it is an incredible explanation of the discrimination that Black people in the United States face. We want to make watching this video mandatory for 3rd graders all over the world, starting in the U.S. to educate them on equality from a young age. This will open the minds of children who may not be growing up in a home environment that believes in these basic human rights. The video is not explicit in any way and is short enough to retain the attention of 8-9 year olds while still sharing the necessary information. We need to normalize equality for children from a young age. Please sign this petition to help us start the discussion on an uncomfortable truth that is endorsing murder. We need to enable children to stand up so that they can improve our world for future generations. This can happen, let’s make it happen.