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Make School Systems Better and More Adaptable for Children

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Our current School System is filled to the brim with countless flaws, preventing students from meeting their full potential and causing young generations of children to panic and fear the future of their education. We respectfully request a change.

Children everywhere in America know the struggle of maintaining a good grade and overall GPA, all while balancing their own personal goals and duties. Parents and peers are a constant guilt trigger to students striving to be the stellar child their family members and teachers want them to be. While that seems achievable through the eyes of U.S. School System, students are being pushed to their limits because of constant stressing over homework, projects, and meeting that deadline every quarter that determines their final grade for the marking period.

The U.S. School System is far behind compared to schools in Europe. In other countries across the Atlantic, students are learning Spanish at the age of 9-11 while students in America usually achieve a language credit in their highschool years, as it is required. Don’t you see? Our School System isn’t making the arrangements to meet the needs of students and that’s why more and more young adults find themselves behind on life skills and are more likely to make mistakes in their adulthood. Mistakes that can lead to disastrous situations.

As someone with ADD I find that the curriculum and the teaching styles that are being used are not created to help kids like myself do the best that we could. What we have right now seems to be created for only the very brightest and most capable students. This is a pretty big issue, seeing as there are only so many people who benefit from such things.

I hope you may be able to understand and support the idea of fixing the education system so students can get everything they can from being in school.

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