Let our school children's to repeat the academic year

Let our school children's to repeat the academic year

1 June 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Mihaela Mangalagiu

We all been hit by this pandemic of  Covid-19.

But why should our  school children's should pay for something which is not their fault.

I am starting this campaign in order to try to make the DFE and the Government to let our school children's- all year groups including college and universities- to Repeat Year.

Forcing children's  and leaving them no other option than to go for the exams in the summer will not do anything else than create more Anxiety .

With a lockdown in place for over 10 weeks and school being home schooled by the parents I think that we all agree that every each child is behind with the learning.

 Starting school today on the  1st of June 2020 for some year groups only is not the best choice either.

Reception who are the most vulnerable will be forced to take care of their wounds ,they will not be allowed to hug their friends ,they may not even have the same teachers as when they started in September 2019.Who will give them a hug when they miss their mum-they were out of school environment with the families for a long period and unavoidable they will get distressed,some they are still 4 ish- in the , when they get hurt or when they are upset?Will all this do any good to them ?Will the teachers manage to get them back  on track and get them updated for the whole missed time in school ?

No this is more anxiety added to them.

They barely had a couple of months time to accommodate ,then when this happened lockdown came.Did they had time to learn?Not really just a bit and with the time passing they are in no time in year 1.

Also teachers will be overwhelmed and stressed too .First of all because they did had to return in an environment which is not safe for them,their families and not safe yet for our childrens.They are and we are all exposed at this stage. Frightened,stressed ,overwhelmed.   

Year 6 going back ?

Will the teachers manage to catch up with the materials and will they be ready to get to the SATS exams?

No,they are all behind ,stressed!

Let's think to all of the children's with Special Educational Needs.Where was all of the support while they were home schooling?Did parents managed to cover all ?We all done our best but not all born to be teachers especially for the children's with SEND which they are paying the most and missing the most sadly. 

They been forced to go back to school because the Government had ,,an ambition''.

Who is paying for the Government ambition to get kids back to school for a couple of weeks before the summer holiday?

Again our school children's are paying  with stress ,anxiety and fear.

School was a joy before all this now it seems to start to look more like a prison for our children's which they are too little to pay for something which is not their fault.

Dear parents,I ask you let's work together and let's avoid all this anxiety.

Our children's should enjoy being a child .

Please sign this petition and let's see our children's being happy and not stressed and getting Anxiety.

Working together we can achieve our children's happiness.

Thank you in advance to all.



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Signatures: 47Next Goal: 50
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