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The Department of Education is looking to change the catchment area for New Lambton Public School due to the school being over capacity. While we understand this is a problem that needs to be resolved, excluding the families in the New Lambton side of New Lambton Heights is not a part of the solution. Lookout Road needs to be considered as the natural boundary that it is for our community. 

If you live in Ardlessa Way, Ridgeway Road, Floralia Close or Croudace Street, your home is likely to be re-zoned for Wallsend South Public School NOT New Lambton Public School.

If this goes ahead, we believe it will have significant negative impact on:

1. Safety for our children; having to cross main traffic arteries on their way to school - especially considering the new Rankin Park to Jesmond bypass (currently in construction);

2. Our belonging and association to the New Lambton community and village;

If you believe there are better solutions than excluding this little enclave from the New Lambton Public School Catchment, such as:

1. Auditing the large number of current out of zone enrollments,

2. Re-considering the parts of Kotara that is still within the catchment area

2. Extending New Lambton South and/ or New Lambton Heights Infant School,

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