justice for my child get the bullies out

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My child is a 14-year-old girl who suffered bullying at Aston Manor Academy in birmingham  for over a year. She’s had death threats, been kicked, punched and barged up the school fence. She’s been stabbed with a compass, shes been sexual assualted by another student and was told go and slit your wrists or we will do it for you. and threatend to get pushed under a car on way home from school by these bullies  name calling and been told she’s fat and ugly. This happens in school and in lessons. No child deserves to be a victim of bullying. 

We want these bullies out so my child can get the education she deserves. The bullies even said to her slit your wrist or we will do it. This is unacceptable behaviour and has led my child to self harm. We hear things in papers and on news about kids committing suicide due to bullying I don’t want this to be my child.

IMAGINE IF THIS WAS YOUR CHILD. We are calling upon the education board and school governors to get these bullies out the school. Why should my child suffer any more? The school knows who they are and still allow them in school to bully my child mentally and physically. My daughter is at home missing out on education because she’s not safe at school. These bullies need to be put in other education where their behaviour can be dealt with properly. No parent wants their child to be a victim of bullying. THIS NEEDS TO STOP.