Jadens Law: A halt to school exclusions until a suitable alternative education is given.

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Jaden Moodie was an intelligent 14 year old boy who was brutally murdered on the 8th January 2019. His life was cut short, some would say he had his whole life ahead of him, yes he did indeed. Jadens school education was also cut short due to the racial systematic system that our children are forced to join. Redhill Academy in Nottingham was the first secondary school to exclude Jaden multiple times until his mother made a decision to take him out of mainstream education to be home schooled. Heathcote Secondary School in London was the second secondary school to exclude Jaden. Heathcote excluded Jaden for an incident that occurred outside of school. They failed to address the situation which lasted 10 seconds and the mother was not made aware of his exclusion.  Statistics have shown that Heathcote in 2019 has had a high level of exclusion rates. 

According to a press release in September 2018, 'In London there has been a 26% increase in exclusion rates in the last 3 years. Studies have shown young people who have previously been excluded temporarily or permanently from school are more likely to be drawn into crime'. Both schools reasons for excluding Jaden were "very trivial " in Jadens Mothers opinion. The schools should have worked with Jaden and his family to ensure he was provided with education. On both occasions no alternative education was provided after being excluded from school. Now the whole world knows what it is like to homeschool a child whilst working. This is just a fraction as to how much pressure Jadens mother was under. 

We demand nationally clear guidelines for schools and alternative provisions to follow before a child/young person is excluded from school. For example working alongside grass roots organisations, mentors, parents and the community in order to support and keep children in school. It is essential to fill the gap of learning when children have been excluded with a high standard of education provision. This gap was detrimental in Jadens case and resulted in him losing his life through knife crime.

These new set of guidelines will be referenced as Jadens Law. Please support Jaden Moodie and his family to get 100,000 signatures to prevent another child from tragically losing their life.