Institute Mandatory Cybersecurity Education in Public Schools

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Our nation is facing an enemy that can bankrupt our strongest companies, steal our secrets, impersonate our people, and even take our lives, all in a matter of minutes. That enemy is cybercrime. Hackers do not only attack individuals, but they also attack our school districts, hospitals, and government. These hackers steal Social Security numbers, addresses, passwords, and other sensitive information from regular people who are not aware of the constant threat of cyberattacks. All the hacks in the past few years, especially the SolarWinds incident of 2020, have shown that our country’s cybersecurity infrastructure is extremely vulnerable. To improve our nation’s cybersecurity, all American citizens should be educated on what cybersecurity is, why it’s important, and how to defend against cyberattacks. Based on this idea, a movement has started to implement mandatory cybersecurity instruction in public schools nationwide. This would impact the curriculums of middle schools and high schools. These cybersecurity classes will teach students how to avoid being hacked. Additionally, these classes will also make a point of teaching students to behave ethically online. By signing this petition, you announce your support of this cause and help our movement influence prominent decision-makers. Any support you can provide to our cause will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!