Increase Teacher Pay Nationwide

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I have been a NYC teacher for 8 years. I am a new father and am heartbroken to hear about the school shootings that are becoming more and more normal in the US media.  Teachers are forced to deal with a ton of various issues on a daily basis, including troubled students, and now the nation is finally realizing that school safety is another problem.  This has been a problem in NYC schools since I've been working there and it hasn't gotten any better.

With everything happening in our country, I strongly believe teachers need to receive higher pay and benefits to help combat the growing struggles and safety risks they face on a daily basis.  With better pay and benefits, teachers would be respected more and would be able to support their own families.  As a country, we could attract more qualified individuals to teach our children and we won't have such a high turnover rate in the career.

Recently, our country has struggled with keeping great teachers in the classroom.  By increasing pay nationwide, we can start rebuilding our education system.