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Human Rights for All Students

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We represent the Knights for Diversity, a high school club. We want to ensure that ALL students are guaranteed specific human rights and to be treated equally without bias or discrimination.

All students should be seen equally in the eyes of teachers/staff/peers regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, nationality, physical/intellectual capabilities, political beliefs, or socio economic status. All students deserve to be treated without any discrimination for any reason.

All students deserve the opportunity to rigorous education without stereotyping by administration, faculty, or other personnel on the “type” of student(s) who should be in specific courses. During the scheduling process, teachers and counselors may “guide” a student into a less rigorous course. Unfortunately, it often appears that racial and gender stereotyping have a hand in the often misguided “guidance.”

Students need a safe and anonymous (if requested) venue for reporting incidences of harassment, assault, or bullying. Often incidences such as these are not taken seriously by the administration/faculty and are not explored/researched. It is imperative to the safety of all students that any reporting by students of harassment, assault or bullying will be heeded as a call to investigation.

Teachers/Staff need to be trained to create a safe environment for all students. All school personnel should have training to be aware of words that are offensive, expressions that are meant to hurt or demean a group of people. The school should be a place that is a “safe space” for all students.

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