Hold District 3 Administration accountable for their negligent actions. #IsaiahStrong

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District 3 Administration and Grand Mountain School (Colorado Springs) sent the police to the home of 12 year old, Isaiah Elliott, for playing with a TOY gun during a virtual online class. The parents were NOT notified prior to this action and the district also admitted to illegally recording Isaiah, in the privacy of his own home. The Vice Principal, Keri Lindaman admitted that after watching the recording, she KNEW it was a toy but yet insisted that the police were still necessary. The police arrived hours later, threatened to press charges and the school then suspended him for 5 days - denying him access to his teachers & depriving him of his education. When the mother requested a copy of the video, the consent to record forms and the privacy policy, Keri Lindaman refused.  
Isaiah now has a record at the Sheriffs department, an incident on his permanent school record citing “bringing weapons to school” and has been traumatized throughout this whole ordeal. Not only was this an extreme invasion of privacy and abuse of power but with today’s cultural climate, calling the police on an African American child for having a TOY gun could’ve easily been very detrimental. Please help me in ensuring this never happens to another family again by signing this petition.
**This district needs to be held accountable. Schools need to know that they cannot overstep their jurisdiction into our private homes. Schools have got to stop criminalizing children’s behavior. Isaiah deserves the sincerest form of apology and his record needs to be cleared of these inaccuracies. No child should ever have to experience this from the people they are supposed to be able to trust. We have to do better. 
Thank you!

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