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Help stop Americas economic decline

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Rejection is hard. No, not just when being dumped by a significant other, but when a lack of qualification can be submitted for a job is the point that is trying to be made. Rejection because of a key factor that was not brought up is even harder especially if almost a whole generation is on the same page. Being aware of the key issue and its root gives a chance for success to arise. Given a situation, such as young adults in the United States lacking international exposure affecting American jobs and economy is a logical concern. Now looking at what can be done, like integrating cultural programs in schools and colleges around the states is a credible solvent because of the foundations and programs working on bringing international exposure to millennials already. Aside from facts and what not, personal experience plays a key factor into this, because I personally have studied abroad and hosted a forging exchange student for almost a year. To say the least, it was worthwhile for what I got out of it. Solving Americas issues is like teaching a pig to fly, but being able to further millennials in business and technology can be done by proper cultural exposure from international study programs.

    One of the most important skills to have in the twenty-first century is adaption. Being able to adapt in today’s society means that there has to be enough knowledge and respect in order to mesh in with what you are introduced to. A concerning aspect with lack of cultural knowledge is that local and national businesses are taking a beating as well. According to, “A recent survey found that almost 40% of companies surveyed missed international business opportunities because of a lack of internationally competent personnel. When 95% of consumers live outside of the United States, we cannot afford to ignore this essential aspect.”. Although times are changing and so is the economy, there will never be less of a demand for cultural knowledge. As companies and nonprofits expand, first need basis does as well. Confirming the previous statement writes that there is a “continuing need” for international affairs that also focuses on “Intercultural communication, foreign language skills and international experience.”. A problem resorting back to children in elementary school is now arising. Cultural knowledge is not gained through two years of Spanish or German in high school. Now teens and young adults bare the stress of competition while the economy takes a slash as well.

    When recollecting/ recalling the American high school experience is there any memory on cultural differences that was taught or that weird with their broken English that made you want to scream? If you answered yes, surprise, surprise most would answer no. And being that majority is no directly calls out the root of the problem. There is not enough education for those early adult years. Although time travel is unattainable currently, prevention is. Although the students and employees that missed out on this dire skill set, there is hope for the teens and children now. There are handfuls of non-profit programs that help children gain experience via study abroad or by volunteering. One committee created by Standards For International Student Exchange called Education Outreach Committee explains on their website that “The EOC achieves its mission by: generating content catered to the needs and interests of schools, host families, and students; building on relationships with key educational organizations; developing a targeted school outreach capability using existing local and regional conferences; connecting with and engaging exchange students and host families via contests and social media; and distributing the Advisory List throughout the education community.”. The importance of both personal and community aspects is addressed with nonprofit programs, creating a pillow for all of its participants. Knowing that there is support helps parents/guardians loosen up about the idea since (again) they grew up without that knowledge. When having exposure to the world early on in any childhood career comes with a list of results such as; Independence, problem solving skills, organization skills, adaptivity, language, networking, and intercultural competence. All defined and explained in Chloe Ranfords article on Making it clear that there are a list of things that can solve and be obtained by partaking in an abroad program. The question of being able to afford travel like that is something that even I had thought about once or twice before I went to Costa Rica. Alas! Our tax dollars are being put to good use by the “trustworthy” people in office. Most programs offer scholarships or grants for trips, and so does the U.S. government. So if in case the child is unable to get a merit based scholarship or even a need based scholarship from the program of choice, clarifies that you can. “The Department of State and other federal agencies fund a number of programs that enable K-12 students, university students, educators, and scholars to conduct research, work, or study abroad. In addition, the Department of State provides funds and other programming to help both U.S. and foreign institutions improve their capacity to host study abroad programs.”

    Being involved in studying abroad and hosting an exchange student was an eye opener for myself and my family. The nonprofit organization that I was partaking in during that time focuses on the importance of diversity in American culture and the globe. The people involved are committed to helping children and teens learn the need for difference and making an impact. On their “Afs affect” portion of their website is a summary of what most students grasp from their experience, “When AFSers describe their experience, “transformational” is a word they often use. As they grow to be be articulate communicators, inspired scholars, and accomplished globetrotters, their AFS experiences inform how they choose to leave their mark. This is your chance to discover your passion and build a foundation that can guide you through college, career, and beyond.” ( It is not false when people say that a new environment awakens your third eye, but just having a new person does as well. From both hosting an eighteen-year-old from the Netherlands and spending a few weeks in Costa Rica helped bring a new perspective into my life. It is vital to have at least a volunteer experience in order to further yourself in a professional field. Many times, employers or people of higher power commend me for my experience with the AFS program and inform me that I have a higher hold on my education and career just because I left the country. And it’s great because a new perspective is always welcomed.

    Society is constantly changing for better or worse. But declining in the United States is opportunities for the millennials. A base of this problem is the education system, too much is being focused on how to do instead of what to do. “How to find the perimeter of an imaginary castle” not “what are three main aspects of Greek culture and what way is there to address them”. This causes employers and employees to miss out on global trends and opportunities. Cultural exposure is key to advancing in today’s society, but millennials are developing without employable factors and the best way to solve that problems is to increase awareness for the students by seeing it themselves.

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