Help Nirzar to get justice & make all the playschools follow safety mandate.

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On 30 th August, my son Master Nirzar Ingle 2.7 year-old boy went to his playschool, Bachpan Branch (With 400+ Schools In India) - Nagpur, Maharashtra.  He is one of the bright and joyful kids in Play Group. But due to the irresponsible working of the playschool management, my champ got injured.
We parents are sending our children at playschool with a guarantee to have fun and learn and we pay a huge amount for the same. But what is the responsibility the school takes for a child's safety ??? Do we have any mandate for playschools ??? Even if we do, is it followed by these schools ??? Right now Nirzar's left-hand index finger got crushed in the door due to negligence by the school authority.

He got operated on the same finger for two reasons as the tip of finger got crush that needs to joint and joining of Distal Inter Phalangeal digital creases for maintaining the blood circulation on the tip of a finger.

We have incurred a cost of 1.5 Lakhs up till now and we demand reimbursement of this amount from school management but they denied our plea altogether.

(Mentioned once you take discharged we can sit together mutually to discuss reimbursement) They agreed on giving us only half the amount.

Do you think they would have admitted him to the school if I paid half the amount of school fees? Is there no guarantee at all on the safety of our kids ?

Link : Crush At Bachpan PlaySchool at bachpan playschool

Guys, it's not only about the money ? My son has to go through so much pain, and as a father, it's making me so anxious to send him back to any playschool. I think it's high time, we take proper action and make all the playschools follow a necessary mandate. Government , Education Department , Health Department should make some strong rules against this kind of Private running schools. They have to check all safety Certificates on regular basis.
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