Help Childminders Receive Loss of Earnings from Insurance Companies

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 The current Covid 19 Pandemic is affecting businesses and families globally. All childminders who have paid for insurance for many years to ensure their businesses are safe and covered in the event of fire, flood and more importantly forced closure from the Government or Local Authority are now being told that their policies do not cover the recent pandemic. The Insurance companies are refusing to pay childminders who as of today have been forced to close by the Department of Education unless they are caring for children whose parents are 'Key Workers' and are critical in the fight against Covid 19 and essential to the country in these unpresendented times.

We are asking Insurance companies and the Government to look at our policies and take the view that this is a notifiable disease and we should be covered for the loss of earnings due to the forced closures of our businesses.

Some of us are now classed as Key Workers, making sure other Key Workers can get to work to help our nation, knowing their children are in safe hands. We open our homes up to help others yet we are not supported and have had to take massive pay cuts. Support is not universal credits, or a 3 month mortgage break, support isn't having tax relief in January! There are 40,000 childminders in the UK that each pay Public Liability Insurance that have been told we cannot claim loss of earnings and yet we are Early Years Providers, but seem to have been overlooked by the Government. 

We are Key Workers too and we need support!!!!


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Lucy and the 40, 000 Childminders across the UK