Enhance the Education System

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Students nowadays doesn't get their quality education they deserve they are just given some projects and they are on their own. Students that are having a hard time understanding or catching up should be given attention in order for them to learn effectively.

The one to be blame is not the teacher's or the school's of this country but the "EDUCATION SYSTEM". The system doesn't effectively give information or education to those students that are struggling in catching up on their lesson. Also the system only benefit those students that have the capability to catch up on their current lesson. Students often get low grades because of this system and also it seems unfair for them because not all of the students has the same attributes and the same skill and knowledge. Every students has different capabilities in academical concern that's why some of the students struggles in coping in the educational system and some students can easily catch up on the lesson that they are taking.

My suggestion to the Department of Education is that they should change the Educational System in order to produce a new generation of students with high capabilities and also to improve their weaknesses and also to give them a bright future.