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Endometriosis Awareness should be taught to girls within the Secondary School Health Education Curriculum - Its 'OK' to talk periods but its NOT 'OK' to be in pain

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At least 1 in 10 women have Endometriosis in the UK, some of these are in fact not yet women, they are young girls beginning their menstruation cycles; our future generations that desperately need to be educated about Endometriosis and its symptoms. The average diagnosis time for a woman with Endometriosis is 7 years and this is due to the current lack of knowledge and understanding. If we taught young women about Endometriosis we could help fight this lack of awareness, as our future generations are also our doctors and nurses ; they are our friends and families; our eyes and ears.

Knowledge is power and enabling young women to recognise the important changes within their bodies is our duty, to know that its OK to talk about periods but its not OK to live with pain.

Together we need to break this wall of silence and empower a new generation of women rather than just fire-fighting the thousands of women whose lives have been at the mercy to something they knew nothing about.

Please say YES to educating young women, say YES to making those important changes to health education at secondary level and say YES to embracing change for our future generations.

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