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End Standardized Testing in the US - Change our Education System

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As a high school senior soon going into my second semester I have come to a conclusion about the quality of my education. I went to 8 different schools in my 13 years of schooling. What I have learned about our education system is that I cannot learn from a teacher talking at me. I don't learn from lectures or taking notes. I don't learn by taking tests with questions that give you 4 different answers. I don't learn or gain confidence from the scores of these tests. With math classes because the tests are not standardized I actually have to learn the material and have more of an interest due to my participation in my learning in every class. Where as in other classes like Government or US History that I have standardized tests I am talked at for the majority of the class and expected to have all the information retained or cramped into my head to know which letter to circle later. With standardized testing we are not only creating an environment that causes students to grow less and less interested in their education but expecting them all to be able to learn in a standardized way as if they were all the same standardized car. The fact is we are not. We are all different and learn in different ways and are exposed to different things. We need to be taught in a more engaging and better directed way. Students should not be taught so that they may do well on standardized tests and receive high scores later to forget it all. We should be taught in a way that we actually learn things so that we may apply our education to many different aspects of our life. Things need to change. We are no longer in a colonial time. It is 2017 and we are not preparing the children for the future but in the same style of the past. The way we teach now will not be usual for those who are 7 right now that will soon be 37 in 2047.

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