End racism in South African Schools

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Across South Africa, Highschoolers, both past and present, are discussing the damaging racist experiences they suffered. These range from constant micro-agressions, to racism from staff, to the policing of black hair, as well as allowing blackface in various school plays. 

This is not a new issue in South Africa. In 2016, a national scandal at Pretoria Girls High School surrounding their hair rules and the implementation thereof brought to light the incorrect policing of black hair in various schools, with many being tempted to believe that this incident and the movement it incited would change the nature of racial interactions in schools. This was not the case. 

Furthermore, various allergations of policing against the use of native languages on school grounds persist- a shame for a country with 11 Official languages. 

Various accused schools have started releasing statements on how they will be attempting to launch investigations to remedy the issue, but comments under these instagram posts reveal learners who do not trust the nature of these investigative processes without oversight. 

Judging by the scope of the issue, it is clear that it is systemic, and targeting any one school will not solve the problem.

It is thus fitting that the Department of Education be made aware, and institute measures of oversight, or guidelines surrounding how investigations will be handled. Measures to educate students and staff on the issue and reccomendations for how future cases of such nature should be handled are also necessary measures. Stories relating to forms of discrimination entrenched in codes of conduct should also recieve attention, as these would be directly in contravention of the rules of this land.