Employ educators with relevant experience and training in Special Education in Ireland

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Teacher training in Ireland is rightly ranked as some of the best in the world. However there is very little coverage of Special Education in training. Many schools are lucky to employ passionate individuals who research this field in their own time. Such professional development is to be admired, but often occurs after they have already been employed as special educators. What about the time they have already spent in classrooms? What about the students? What about the classrooms not lucky enough to have these dedicated teachers?

Special education students have the right to an effective education. Evidence-based approaches exist to provide that education. Family members or interested teachers should not have to piece together a program from information they find online. Teachers employed in special education settings should have the relevant experience, training and resources in these approaches to plan for learning to occur. The Department should ensure that they have this before they are employed to teach.

It's simple. Support the right to an effective special education system.