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Today I am urging you the people who vote and the people of the community to help WE THE PEOPLE ( which is the student body)  in our fight against Standardized tests in the state of Pennsylvania  . Most likely you or someone you know has or will have to take these tests , that the student body do not agree with and are now taking a stand. These tests are completely inaccurate in the way they measure our education. The response from the state is that they help to show that students are learning and teachers are teaching. Which may sound like it works, but it does not. A solution to that problem would be to maybe hire employees maybe one per school district to go in a classroom for a week at a time and observe the teacher and how they interact with the students. Sometime during this have the students take a survey that answers questions about the teacher’s performance. Although, there will be students that may just check all good because the like that teacher and the ones who check all bad because the do not like that teacher. There will always be outliers in any set of surveys given that can be clearly seen. Though, you can see the true information. These tests do not value the creativity a student possesses. In the event a student does not pass the exams does not show how the student “thinks outside the box”. Though, they hope the test show the students are learning and the teachers are teaching what is not seen fully is again the outliers the kids who can not mentally take these test or the ones who may not exactly care for an education at this level. Some students realize they don’t get anything out of these test besides being labeled on their performance on a certain date(s) at certain times. What if the student can not sleep the night or nights before due to stress because of these tests? Well, the State Department of Education does not care, just take their test. The key role-players in the making and in these exams in general are politicians and book companies who are not worried about our education but the paychecks they get out of the test. Another key fact, we do not get these tests back to see what we have done wrong. It seems the test are top secret. All we get back is the number we are labeled falsely by. Although most politicians claim to be all for the education, they're really for their paychecks. The people who are involved in all aspects of these test can be compensated from $1,500 to $2,000 per student based on performance. The book companies that make and grade the test also get to sell their product that they claim follows the core of the material that is on the test. But, do they say these books are up to $500? How can a public school afford 30 of those books if the state can not pass a budget in a normal amount of time? Why do they care? At the end of the day they will get paid and go home without any worries. They ignore the districts shutting down or furloughing because of issues with funding. The Education System is not intended for political involvement.  But, the “Formula” for how the money is distributed after these tests are taken is a joke. The school districts that can stay afloat and have high test scores continue to get the bulk chunk of cash. The districts that score low and need the funding are penalized and are forced to put remedial classes in that are going to try and make the students who do not do good do better. These tests are so powerful teachers are now “Teaching to the Test” instead of teaching to something more in depth or more reasons to it. An example, students are taught one way to solve a math problem or given one formula. Why not give students twenty ways to solve that problem or encourage them to find another way? Oh, the state wants it their way or the way those book companies show it. This tries to make all students equal and think the same. But, not one mind thinks alike. Those tests do not show what students lives are like outside of school either. The Department of Education says that districts have the options not to distribute these tests. But, if they do not then the funding is cut almost entirely. Either way the State just plays a fishing game with districts, holding the money close to reach but you must teach this way and score this way to get the money they hold. So, are these people really for my education? NO. They are mostly business men or women just trying to get rich off their product.  If we are all about creating jobs, then let’s create the right ones and send individuals in to evaluate the teachers and staff and how they interact with the students. It is time for change, so please take the first step now. STOP THE TEST and STOP THE GAMES

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