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Eliminate FSA for Students and Teachers!!!

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The Florida Standardized Assessments or FSA, have come to ruin Florida's education; both for the students and for the teachers.  I have seen first hand the stress that teachers and students now go through because of this test.  My eldest son is in third grade right now, which by the way, is a pass or fail year.  That means that if he does not pass this assessment, he must repeat the school year.  Therefore, whatever grades he receives during the year DO NOT MATTER matter at all.  That does not make ANY sense whatsoever.  How could it be possible that what a child does during the year, how he/she progresses, the grades that they get do not matter?  Every Tuesday and Thursday my son has to go an hour earlier to school for tutoring to help him be fully prepared for this test and then on top of that spend the next 8 hours in school in a chair!!!  It's past the point of ridiculousness.  Basically, if your child is a good student but is having a bad day on testing day, and they fail, THEY WILL FAIL THE ENTIRE SCHOOL YEAR!  OUTRAGEOUS!  Your child and your child's teacher will both be affected! Do you think this is healthy for our education system?  NO!!! 

When I was growing up, we did have tests but these test did not determine whatsoever our teacher's performance, their salaries, their bonuses, etc.  And, it definitely did not determine whether we passed the school year or not.  I remember that third grade was my best year AND the year that I learned the most!  We, as students did not have this unnecessary stress and neither did the teachers.  Teachers were able to teach what TRULY MATTERS, concentrate on more important things, and the children were able to learn freely.  It was amazing.  If it wasn't enough that children hardly get any recess time anymore, now they are being subjected to 8+ hours of preparation for a test that MEANS NOTHING.  Then they wonder why children can't sit still in their chair and why they get frustrated and aggravated,  It is complete abuse and torture for the teachers and students to have to go through this.  It is not fair and it is NOT RIGHT!  This law or standard needs to be changed.  If lawmakers think they are doing something good for education they are sadly mistaken.  You can't just sit in a chair and pass laws without even knowing what it truly entails to sit in a classroom and also psychologically and academically know what is right for students.  PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION!! OUR CHILDREN AND TEACHERS NEED US!!!  THANK YOU!!!!

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