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Educate: Sprain Do Not Underestimate.

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In our world today, it is necessary that a certain sense of connection is present between different individuals. In the same way that our bones are connected with other bones, at times ligaments, and joints, we must also connect with people belonging to other ages, genders, ethnicities, and etcetera. This connections could be made through the process of learning.

There is truly a need to strive for educating all the members of the youth that they may be fully equipped with different kinds of knowledge. The most important knowledge that people must be aware of are those regarding trivial matters. One of which is the grasp of health concerns.

A common injury that happens to people is sprain. This is the stretching of a ligament or at times, the tearing of it. Individuals in different schools must be able to learn the basic overview of the signs, symptoms, causes, and prevention. This petition calls out to different schools as well as the Department of Education and Department of Health that they may see the relevance of incorporating lessons about this in the school curriculum.

We hope that you, too, see the importance of bringing about good education for the youth in regards to this matter. After all, never underestimate a sprain. Therefore, let us educate!

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