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Stop companies creating inflated holiday prices in school holidays.

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So, my simple question is:

“What, if anything, and when, are the Government going to  stop holiday firms, flight companies and the holiday industry in general from ripping off people, with or without children, who wish to holiday in a period of time designated as a school holiday, whether at home or abroad ? “

A law was recently introduced to stop ALL parents from removing children from school for holidays, and hefty fines will be imposed, making respectable working families, in the eye of the law, education and the national press, and other parents....CRIMINALS.

My wife and I are retired, we have a family ( daughter, husband and 4 grandchildren ) yet we cannot afford to holiday with them due to exorbitant and inflated prices levelled at them, and us, because of when they are required to holiday, due to schooling reasons’, as holiday prices are inflated by up to 100-50% from weeks either side of school holiday calendars.

As a clear example, this morning on their website, “ CENTRE PARCS” are offering at one of their sites, for a family in early June a one week holiday for £1058, yet the week before, in what is classed as “half term holiday” the same accommodation is £1488, an increase of £430 !

In July, using the same data the prices are: £1628 in school term time and £1098 for an out of term break, and increase of £530 ! or simply 48% price hike.

And for what ? No guarantee of better weather, the food costs the same, the staff get paid the same, utilities cost the same, it is just that the Shysters that run these holiday firms and companies are year after year allowed to due it yet hard working families AND pensioners or anyone that want to holiday with their schooling families are forced to pay over the odds rather than be a criminal.

Personally, my family, due to availability, should be holidaying in Portugal, but due to availability of family accommodation they can only go in early July, ( term time ) BUT rather than face the wrath of Education, Courts and Press cannot holiday where they want. Instead there is to be no holiday abroad, no learning of foreign culture, understanding food or learning a language, no guarantee of hot weather after working for 50 weeks bringing up a family, they are to holiday in this country, in school holiday time, with the only guarantee being British weather, BUT still paying inflated holiday prices.

 To finish, there is only one word to describe the practice of punishing hard working people and families to line the pockets of those in the holiday industry, DISCRIMINATION.

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