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Devote 1 class a week to educate children about the value of kindness and Anti Bullying.

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I want to make a stand to all of the bullies out there and for all schools to devote time out of there curriculum to educate children about the value of Kindness and the importance of Anti-Bullying it is important for children to understand the simple morals to be a good friend and not to Bully as that can be a result of Self Harm and suicide that is affecting countless life's daily,This simple class could help many young children not to bully other kids that's why i started to promote awareness on Anti-Bullying,I was a victim of bullying myself and i had overcome a very hard time in my life and i wanted others to do that aswell so i wrote a book called 'My Discreet Bully' it is about a girl named Lily and her experience of being a victim of bullying and at the end she confronted her Discreet bully also at the back of the book there are bullying references and Questions and Answers that are a great opportunity for discussion I am a strong believer that education comes from home such as learning kindness but what happens to those kids whose parents don't offer that to them they will grow up to be mean to people and bully them so that's why I also started this is so that these kids can go to school and learn these simple things.

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