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Demand An END of the ACT and SAT Test, NOW!!!

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   More than a million high school students take the ACT each year. Like the SAT, the ACT is a standardized multiple-choice test meant to predict first-year college grades. The ACT was developed as an alternative to the SAT but is just a different test, not a better one. Like the SAT, the ACT has long-standing problems of bias, inaccuracy, coachability, and misuse. Because of these flaws, no test - neither the ACT nor SAT - should be required in the college admissions process! 

   It is so utterly unfair that the ACT and SAT are the things that MUST depend on whether a student will have a future or not! It should be either optional to take these tests, or they should NOT exist at all.
Why many are concerned is because the ACT/SAT is what shows if anyone goes to University and has a future or not. What should be noticed is that the overall GPA in Highschool; that should be the ticket for people going into University; NOT the ACT/SAT.

   I am currently almost done with my Junior year, and just like a billion other students, I am struggling...We are all struggling to make great grades, maintain a good GPA, do extracurricular activities; while having to find the time, effort, energy, and brain power to study for some test called the ACT/SAT. This is also unfair, to the matter that highschoolers can NOT spend there last years of youth memorably and enjoyable, ALL because of these two tests!!!
I can go on and on about this unjust system, but here's a link that shows a person who took the time in researching, writing, and describing why this system should end, way better than I ever could:

Moving on...
What do I want to happen now? No, what WE want to happen now is that neither the ACT nor SAT should be required in the college admissions process. And if there just MUST be something for the 'college admission process' then it should be the overall GPA in high school or just anything else if anyone has any better ideas. That being said, this should also be a way of how people can receive scholarships.

   PLEASE if anyone agrees's with this, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help by signing this petition...

   Thank You for taking the time to reading this, and Thank You so so so much for anyone who has signed! :)

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