Delay the opening of classes just for a few more months. Life is more important.

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We are still in the midst of the corona virus and there is no vaccine yet at the moment although several biotech companies are rushing to develop one. Yes, we will be adopting a novel method by digitalization in education thru the internet to prevent physical contact in classrooms, but these method will not be effective and fair to all. Not all will benefit and will only show the disparity and widen the gap between the rich and the poor. There are some students in the provinces who walk several kilometers, cross dangerous rivers, or seas just to reach their school. Do you think these students have internet or how can they fit into the novel system of digitalization in education? Please think very well for every stake holder. With the covid19 crisis so many people have been financially over burdened. Now with the digitalization in education method, this would further burden the parents with another set of expenses. Why don't we delay the school opening instead and maybe we will be lucky enough to have a vaccine by then or the virus will miraculously vanish. To delay the opening is not to deny the students right to education. This can wait. Life is more precious!