Cyberbullying Aid and Defense Website for the Victims in the Philippines

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       Cyberbullying can happen to anyone. The people you will meet in school, work, and all around the world that has connection in social media can be a victim or the bully of Cyberbullying. It is easy to access to this type of media up to this day. Just clicking the sign up button from the website then you are good to go to have a social interaction with other people. There can be many instances that can consider as Cyberbullying, just like texting and/or posting insult rumors about someone, threatening someone, posting photos or video that is embarrassing to someone and many more. Some people take them only as petty pranks and it does not bring harm to any person. However, bullying is not just bashing of someone but it can also forms to cybersex, identity and password theft, computer-related forgery, and cybersquatting. Within this experience of the victims, it can leads to depression, paranoia, stress, and other forms of mental and physical conditions that may affect in their lives.

Nowaday, Cyberbullying begins to be an issue anywhere globally specially in the Philippines. It doesn't differ from the other countries when facing this kind of dilemma. It also has been caused people to traumatize, depress, and can eventually harm themselves. Just like Some of the victims of cyber bullying in the Philippines are Raymond Malinay, a 27 year old Facebook fanatic, Liz Uy, a celebrity stylist, Marlou Arizala or Xander Ford, a 20 year old who is a member of the boy band “Hash5”, and some students which their names are Derrick and Rose, a 14 and 16 year old high school students who also experienced Cyberbullying at social media. They all had an experienced a horrible Cyberbullying in social media.

We would like to have a petition to create a 24 hours service website where the victim can ask for a help in dueling the circumstances. The victim will only have to send a proof that s/he is experiencing bullying. Not only in a form of social media but in physical bullying. It only requires the info details of the Victim and bully's identity. However, if the proof is not "acceptable" then the service of the website will not able to give an action. The website will be the one who can contact and to connect to the Authority and Ph Suicide Hotline to assess the victim's condition. It is deemed necessary to call the attention of the authority due to occurrence of deviations of Cyberbullying. If the proper execution of Cyberbullying act 2015, the problem on Cyberbullying will be assess.


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