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Current education system

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Rote learning. Emphasis on memorizing the facts rather than thoroughly understanding the concepts.
Completely relying on text books.
Giving more importance to text books than the teacher. There is no autonomy to teachers.
Students have no freedom to think creatively and to question the content in the text books.
Taking marks as assessment of student’s talent, when marks can be easily obtained by memorizing the pre-written answers from the text books.
Students are not being taught why they are learning the particular subjects and topic. Text books do not mention how the topics are relevant in the practical life.
There is no incentive for teachers to encourage critical thinking in children.
Lack of infrastructure.
Most of the syllabus is in theoretical form.
Dearth of capable teachers in government schools.

Pressurizing students for marks and grades. Student suicides are increasing day by day.
Students are learning the subjects just to reach to the next level, i.e obtaining admission from the good college.
Indian govt is spending only 3% of its GDP on education.
As the Govt unable invest enough in the education sectors, private institutions roped in, and the result is High cost of education.
No control of govt on fee structure of private educational institutes.
Ethics aren’t being taught in schools. And the result of this is many educated persons lack ethics
High prices of higher education in India. Indian Govt isn’t investing in the higher education aspirants.
Rise of coaching centers for competitive exams and private tuitions for school children are is resulted by the poor education system, which couldn’t make students job-ready.
Our text books do not mention the importance of physical activity and the extra curricular activities. Most of the schools in India do not have play grounds.
Not encouraging research and innovation.
Not teaching students about how to deal with daily life struggles.
Incentivising hyper-competitiveness rather than encouraging to co-learn.
Shortage of text books for govt school students.
No proper career guidance available for students.
Most of the govt school students are unable to do basic math. This reveals the negligence of teachers.
Not everyone has access to school. A lot rural areas still have no schools. And there are many single teacher schools.
In the top 100 universities list by ‘Times Higher Education World Reputation Rankings 2016’, none of the Indian universities could make into the list.

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