Create Justice for all People. Educate Racism.

Create Justice for all People. Educate Racism.

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The idea of race has played a big part in America. Maybe more so than in most other countries. Because of North America's history of slavery, a clear divide has been marked in our society. An "Us" and "Them" mentality is strong here. This causes many problems, not just for black people, or other people of color, but for our country in general. If we are all doing well, the whole country prospers. And if we are not, well, problems grow bigger.

Because of Slavery, and the lack of proper integration after slavery was "abolished", communities plagued with poverty, lack of education and broken homes were created. This is all generational. Some people look at this and think that these things can easily be changed. But things can only be changed when one sees that it is actually a possibility. It is hard to see the other side of something that you have never seen.

On the other end of this, we see people who look at people of color as a threat, a target, a problem. This is also generational. Whether this is spoken out loud or not, it is taught and passed down. The people who have this mindset become teachers, lawyers, doctors, mechanics, truck drivers, government officials, and yes, police officers.

It is ridiculous for us to think that if racism in this country exists, it doesn't exist in the system. People take their beliefs with them wherever they go.

Why isn't the study of racism being taught in school? It's a giant part of our history. It's just as important as many other subjects taught in schools now, because it affects our daily lives. It affects how we interact with each other, and how and if our society prospers. The history of racism should be something we teach alongside American history and something that we teach in Social studies.

This is to petition the Department of education and all other applicable factions of government to consider the funding and implementation of teaching the history of Racism and the study of Racism in public schools.

This has been a subject of great concern for me for many years. But more recently when I had my daughter. I remember the first time she heard someone call her the "N" word. We were at a playground. She was just 3 years old. A little boy of the same age taunted her. So my husband pulled our daughter away and they went and sat down at the picnic table.  And finally, the little boy walked up to her and my husband and said, "You're just stupid N**". I was standing far off and immediately looked at his grandmothers reaction. There was none. She just sat there. My husband, shocked just got up and lead us out of the park. My daughter asked what that meant, she new it wasn't good. We explained it to her, with burdened hearts. And she just said, "I think we should pray for him." 

I prayed and prayed that she would forget about this, and that the hate would not have an effect on her, like it has on so many of us. And thank God, it did not effect her the way it has effected some. But she still remembers this to this day. It was not that little boys fault that he was taught to hate. So, we prayed for him many times through the years, as my daughter remembered and asked to pray. But can you imagine, other children being taught this same level of hate and then going out into the world and becoming a part of everyday society. Being in roles that should protect us, but having this inner hate instead?

Please help spread the word by sharing, and give this some thought. What kind of society do you want your child to grow up in?

Very Sincerely,
Cashmeira Henderson
of Loving Our Children Inc.