Concerning Mandate on Kannada in Grade X

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We respect the state of karnataka, for opening its doors to many students and professionals from, across the country and globe. 

I also appreciate the department of education for introducing kannada as a language, into the regular school curriculum. 

However, this is related to the recent ruling from DDPI on making Kannada a mandatory subject for students of all schools (CBSE; ICSE etc.) from the 2018-19 academic year till 10th grade.

There are a lot of professionals and others who have moved from other states to Karnataka for work or education. While the department is absolutely right in promoting Kannada, this petition is to make an appeal to focus on Kannada as a functional language. Per current ruling, Kannada is to be taught at par with 2nd  language and the emphasis and intensity would continue till Grade X.

In an already competitive scenario, this is putting additional pressure on the children. For many of us Kannada is an unknown language and I am happy that my children would learn to speak a language that we cannot. But beyond that it is impossible for us to help our children academically. 

The purpose of this petition is to make an appeal to the concerned authorities to alleviate the pressure on children by changing the focus on kannada to be a functional /spoken language without imposing the academic demands in Grade X. Parents and authorities are well aware of the pressure on the children and we all need to do our utmost to alleviate this pressure. 

We are also aware of children going into depression, due to high competition and pear pressure. This will only add to the challenges in current scenario. 

We request : 

Either not have to an academic pressure linked to it. The marks of the subject , should not be considered , to reduce the pressure. 


Keep it till grade 9 and not bring it in grade X. 

We look forward to an amicable solution, where the learning of the language becomes the focus for the children , rather an academic enforcement and the associated pressure.