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Close NYC schools due to COVID-19 before it’s too late!

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       In just about two weeks New York has became a state of emergency. It all started from one case from a woman who had recently visited Iran. Next, a person to person transmission case in New Rochelle. Now there are cases in schools and all over the five boroughs. Just in New York State alone, we have about 328 cases of the coronavirus COVID-19. I understand that Andrew Cuomo has banned gatherings of 500+ people but how will that help us? Most NYC public school students go to schools that have capacities of 1000+. I know my school has about 1300 people, shouldn’t the ban apply to our schools too? Brooklyn Tech is one of the most largest schools in New York City with 5,664 people. It is so easy for this disease to spread therefore the 500+ ban has no effect whatsoever until you close the schools.
       The mayor does not want to close the schools because there are many homeless or temporary housing students that need school as a source of food. However, we can still manage to get our schools closed and provide for the ones that need it the most. Baltimore is doing it, so why can’t we? We can set up grab and go breakfast/ lunch stations in schools for the children that need it. We do this during the summer, so why can’t we do it during a crisis where we are at most risk to spread this disease? As for education, we can take online classes. If there are any students that need laptops, our schools can provide them with laptops to borrow until it is safe to go back to school again. We have to try our best to contain this disease. Nothing will change if our mayor doesn’t close our schools.

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