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Change the Class-hour Schedule of all Public Senior

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I am a Senior Highschool student. My name is Jenna Flores. I am experiencing head aches during class hours, Mood swing, and short-term memory loss, due to lack of sleep. I never knew it was because of lack of sleep I thought it was because of my migrane. But when I visit the school clinic for having head aches. The nurse ask me "have you sleep for 8-10 hours?" I answer "No".
She asked me why. Then I told her everything. I told her that my house is 10km far from school. Next when I arrive at my house, I do household chores and wash my clothes because I only have one uniform, and eat too. After Eating supper and wash dishes it would be 9-10 o'clock. Then that's the time I make my homeworks, search on net or in books and study. This session finishes 1-2 hours . Then I would sleep 11-12 o'clock. And in the morning I always wake up at 3-4 o'clock to prepare everything to go school. This is my daily routine. I only have Saturday and Sunday to sleep 8-10 hours. Then she Conclude that I am just tired, my mind body should rest 8-10 hours to stop my head from aching.
Many of teens nowadays are experiencing Lack of sleep and having symptoms that I also have. You should rest too. In every life of a Senior High Student, class hours is a great burden to them. A Regular teenager should sleep 8-10 hours. But nowadays; their time of sleeping is lessen, due to their early schedule in class. Their sleeping hours would now be 3-5 hours only.
I am asking you that may you change the class schedule for senior student?. May you change 7:00 AM to 8:00 AM so that we will not be late and we will not be stressed to go early? And may you also change 5:00 PM to 4:00 PM so that we can have more time to rest and study our lessons?
In India, they start their day at 9-10AM to 4-5PM included one lunch break 1 hour around 1-2PM and short break 10 mins on morning and afternoon. But dome boarder schools run on 8AM to 2PM with out lunch -break , but this is so rare as many have said.
In Turkey, their teacher meets them weekly like grade 11 six hours weekly and grade 12 four hours weekly. Yes, not daily but weekly.
And in America they start on 8:00AM and end 3:00PM. this is based on our research.
These are just examples of schedule of the other country.
I am asking you, in behalf of all senior students that we should be thought fairly and freely. And may you change the the sched of the senior highschool class.

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