cbse no moderation policy should start from 2019 instead of 2018 as their syllabus is half

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We are facing the same syllabus as 2017 and batches before them.They all were given marks moderation but we are not getting.

2019 batches will face half syllabus in cbse boards and 2017 and before batches had moderation.Only 2018 batches are trapped in between with no help.

Admission to foreign universities require high percentages,so no moderation policy will automatically reduce number of people getting admission there.

The greatest irony is that cbse is reducing syllabus from upcoming year to reduce stress on student but what about us,why no marks moderation for us.

Board exam are like lifeline and we want 10-15 percent moderation in every subject like it has benn happening from past years ,because 2018 batch deseve same marks as other batches.

Also if a 2017 passout  and 2018 passout with same qualification will go for a job interview then 2017 one would be selected because of his high board percent.Will job interviewer bother about moderation.2 studenr same hardwork one got 95%(because of moderation)and other 85%(no moderation),who will company choose then,obviously the 95% one.

Sign this petition to save students who will take drastics steps after the board results after they will see there hardwork go into vain.