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'CARE' to pee.

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As teenagers we are used to keep ourselves clean, but how can we maintain proper hygiene, if the restrooms itself are filthy, for a SHS student like me, with limited facilities to provide our needs, it is a struggle to maintain proper hygiene, and to pee in time, we always have to hold our  pee and hunt for an available room to urinate, sometimes our dear JHS teachers and canteen personnels are the ones who refuse to let us, SHS students use there cubicles.

Yes, there are available cubicles, but it seemed to be a struggle with keeping the provided facilities clean, in a whim the facilities were broken and too disgusting to use, with no one to keep an eye with the washrooms, other students use the facilities carelessly, my proposal? provide us at least 2-3 days to clean the bathrooms, a monthly maintenance, and let other students be mindful of keeping the bathroom clean.

if not now? when? when students catch U.T.I.?, DENGUE? and GALLSTONES?

I care, because I myself go through this struggle everyday.

as they say "prevention is better than cure"

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