Cameras in special need nonverbal kids classrooms for their wellbeing.

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My daughter is in Noree public school . I don't feel she is in safe hands. One of the teachers and teacher aid used abusive language and physically abuse one of the special need nonverbal kid in this school and her mother met with school assistant principal and her teacher regarding her daughter change in behaviour but the staff told them that she is happy here but when mother instint were not satisfied with their answers she bought recorder and put in her daughter school uniform pocket and then she came to know that what the school staff were telling its not true. Even they disclose all this information in current affair which they think the school was not taking them seriously. I am really worrying as a mother about my daughter and all of other nonverbal special need kids because they can't explain you what is really happening with them in schools so I thought cameras are really important in nonverbal special need kids classrooms so we as their parents can watch them that they are in safe hands which can give us assurance about their emotional, physical and mental wellbeing.